Words to Treasure

There is no better place than a Priceless Vessels, Inc. experience to refocus your vision and rekindle your spirit. Here are a few testimonials from women who have attended PV events:


"I’m truly grateful for the safe, loving space that PV offers  all of us to empower and support each other. This is not like any other group I’ve ever been a part of-- it’s connecting from the heart and it’s deeply nourishing and affirming. Thank-you, thank-you!"

 Sally Ward

"My experience at the PV conference was beyond my imagination! I cannot say enough about Dr. Cynthia, the founder of PV, the dynamic speakers, the delicious food and venue, the welcoming PV team...I made some life-changing decisions because of what I learned. I can't wait for the next PV event."
— Karen Lewis

"Thank you for birthing such a great ministry because that's just what it is: a ministry to the mind, heart and spirit of women. And, I love it!"
— Patty Larke
"This was a fabulous event. It fed my mind, body and spirit..."
— Dr. Marilyn Grant

"Dr. McGill is a wonderful woman. She does everything with a touch of elegance, grace and intelligence..."
— Dr. Isabelle Jones

"...my journey has been long, sometimes stressful, yet PV allowed me to rebrand, rejuvenate and redefine my life's goals."
— Valerie Coleman

"This is the best conference I have ever attended... Dr. Cynthia, you are wonderful, loving and caring--a true gift to women."
— Sandy Behan

"Connecting with women who are grounded spiritually and soaring professionally is an awesome experience."
 Jeannie Slaughter 

"...'Redefine Your Marketplace' and 'Wander Woman' (break-out sessions I attended)
really hit the mark for me. Do it again, Cynthia!"
— Dr. Patricia Marino

"The PV Conference was an outstanding conference! The dynamic break-out sessions provided me with motivation and strategies to pursue goals that have been dormant...."
— Jill Wynn

"The conference offered me a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from many empowered women...."
— Elisha Rogers

"A wonderful, welcoming, warm community encouraging self-reflection and empowerment of self and sisters. Thank you for a fabulous experience."
— Lisa Maynard

"It was a joy to be a part of such an amazing event! Thank YOU (underline) for the opportunity and your inspiring leadership, Cynthia!"
 Laura Parker

“Priceless Vessels® has allowed me to make valuable friendships with women I would never otherwise have met. It provides me an opportunity to know other women on a personal level not possible in the work place or usual social or volunteer settings, AND – we have so much fun! We laugh together, hug each other and care a lot for each other.”
— Kathy Nixon

"I was provided with practical tools to reboot, rebrand and renew my life both professionally and spiritually. My life has been forever impacted."
 Shelly Boyd

"This was truly a wonderful experience. It was a very inspiring and safe atmosphere. Thank you for helping me to reboot!"
— Jewell Hopkins

"Every time I attend one of the meetings, I always meet fascinating women. The facilities, the food and gifts are always wonderful."
— Noreen Reagan