Platinum Priceless Vessels

What is Platinum Priceless Vessels?

Platinum Priceless Vessels
(Platinum PV)

A select group of accomplished women who are a part of PV and desire to:
  1. Empower and be empowered to achieve excellence in our professional, spiritual and personal lives; 
  2. Empower younger women in their professional careers by way of sharing, informally, our own stories and strategies for success; 
  3. Financially support PV to grow and thrive;
  4. Assist single mothers of color to complete their college studies via our Scholarship Fund.

What are the benefits to becoming a Platinum Priceless Vessel?

  • You will be able to attend all PV events FREE for the year of your membership (except the major event).
  • You will be able to bring one professional woman with you to one PV event free of charge to her (except the Holiday Party and the major event).
  • You will be invited to attend "Platinum ONLY" events. 
  • You agree to attend a few PV events per year.
  • If you own a business, we will gladly add your business link to our website for a year, if you'd like.

How do I join?

What is the cost for one year?

Just $375.00
Check out the Photo Gallery for pictures of our Platinum Priceless Vessels events and some of the Platinum PVers!

Platinum Priceless Vessels, we thank you for your support and now we want to support you!

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