Break-Out Sessions


Wander Woman

As women, we have many roles to play. When we take on a new responsibility, we need to know we can work it into our busy schedules. We must also weigh the benefits of whether it will help us advance in our field, while still maintaining the other roles we already carry. How do you feed your spirit and keep your head above all of the competing agendas and pulls on your life and time? Calling all Wander Women! Speaker: Dr. Marilynn Patterson-Grant

Rebranding, Redefining and Empowering the Real You!

Experience a holistic approach to understanding who you are: embracing your strengths and areas for growth. Gain an understanding of how to maintain a balance in one’s mind, body and spirit. Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Reid.

Balancing the Superwoman within You!

Explore the various roles of the 21st century professional woman. Gain an understanding of how to create a balanced life and be effective and fulfilled in your leisure, in your home, and in the boardroom. Speaker: Dr. Gidget Hopf

Redefine Your Marketplace

Brand and market your business for success in a competitive environment. Explore the possibilities of various modalities of marketing to take your business to the next level. Speaker: Essie Calhoun

Bridging the Gap

Experience this interactive session, that will assist you in gaining insight on paradigms of workplace ethics and professional values amongst generations. Learn to embrace the strengths and gaps in an effort to create a work environment conducive to achieving the corporate mission. Speakers: Hilda Rosario Escher and Melisza Campos.