Assisting Single Mothers


Priceless Vessels Scholarship 

‎Priceless Vessels, Inc. is proud to announce that once a year a scholarship will be issued to a woman of color who is a single mother returning to college to complete her college degree. 

The Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) administers the scholarship. Go to the ‎RACF website and click "scholarships". Follow the instructions. The deadline is April 1st every year. We'll announce the recipient soon! 

We want to encourage single mothers of color that YOU can realize your professional dreams and Priceless Vessels‎ is here to help!

Donations to the Priceless Vessels Scholarship Fund are appreciated greatly! If you would like to donate any amount, kindly donate below. 

Priceless Vessels will mail you a thank you letter including the amount you donated to use for your tax purposes, since we are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Donor-Scholarship Fund