President's Message

June - August, 2017

Dear Priceless Vessels,

Summer is here....finally? Almost :)) And, you are in full "energizer bunny" mode with all your activities, parties, reports, meetings, etc.!

Just take a few moments to reflect on our last Priceless Vessels Platinum event.

We ended our PV year with Dr. Gina Cuyler's, "Oh, My Aching Back! A Primer on Back Pain and its Management". What an informative and insightful presentation from a terrific medical doctor who is also a PV Platinum. We learned a lot; we also laughed and enjoyed ourselves.

Those pop-overs are simply too good and that dinner and dessert---- yummy!

Relive all our PV events through pictures and videos on our Facebook page!

Remember the PV connections you made and take time to send a text or a phone call to stay in touch. Enjoy your summer!

See you in September!

From one priceless vessel to another,